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AdmiralBet is a sports betting brand that is very successful in the organization of sports betting. By creating quotas for currently 220 payment places throughout Serbia, with a tendency of rapid growth, as well as through the most modern software solution – an online platform for sports betting, AdmiralBet pushes the boundaries of modern betting. At the same time, we have a very rich offer of land-based and online casino games of the latest trends. The industry dictates to us a very dynamic work environment in which we would not succeed without strong mutual support and teamwork.

Globos Osiguranje

Globos osiguranje is the leading insurance company in terms of up-to-date settlement of compensation claims, which is a key parameter of the National Bank of Serbia when evaluating the reliability of insurance companies. In this way, Globos osiguranje confirms the seriousness of its business and its commitment to clients for whom this information provides security in the payment of damages in situations where the insured event occurs.

GameS is a chain of stores specializing in the sale of consoles, games and gaming equipment. It was founded in 2007, when the first store was opened in Belgrade, and today Games has nine stores – six in Belgrade, two in Novi Sad, one in Kragujevac, and a web shop that has had an official e-trustmark quality certificate since 2016.

Spawn gaming

We are just a bunch of old gamers!

Over the years, we have not been able to find the equipment that would suit us, so we decide to make our own.

Clutch Enterprise

We elevate esports in Europe to a whole new level with young blood

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